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“Virtual currencies are no longer something to overlook or ignore. Individuals and institutions from all across the globe have already started taking a serious interest in cryptocurrency and perhaps you should too.”


Mike Seesholtz
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Business Owners & Merchants Accepting Cryptocurrency


Merchants whom accept Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a method of payment often prefer cryptocurrency payments over debit/credit card payments because they are funded to the merchant almost immediately and eliminate fraudulent chargebacks and identity theft concerns.

If you are a business owner and would like more information about Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency merchant services, contact us here at CryptoFund USA for a free consultation. We can help you get your account setup and accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in as little as 24 hours. We handle everything for you including logging in to your website and installing necessary plugins and security in order for you to take crypto payments online.

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Individuals Interested in Digital Currency

With the recent explosive gains of Bitcoin (BTC), many other cryptocurrencies have emerged in what has been dubbed as the Gold Rush of the Twenty-First Century. Thousands of new altcoin investors are entering the market everyday and investing in emerging cryptocurrencies that are priced much lower than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Their hope? To strike big and ride the next big wave. Many feel that they missed out by not buying Bitcoin when it was priced low and they are now pouring their money into emerging virtual currencies that are currently affordably priced with the hope that they too will someday rise as high as Bitcoin has. Several emerging cryptocurrencies have already seen massive gains, making this a viable option for individuals looking to diversify into a wide array of altcoins.

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